Readers on the Dragon Age Kink Meme are spoiling the everliving shit out of me *crey*

Didn’t realize how much I missed feedback when I stopped writing fanfics a few years back.


Anyone on my dash/friend list/wtf ever you call it on tumblr read shit at the DA kink meme? I’d like some recs plz :D There’s just SO MANY, and it’s tiresome digging through all the porn, so I’ve only read a few good ones. I can read sex, I guess, but a lot of it has… well, kinks in it. And I’m not very big on kinks. :\

On that note, does a Mass Effect one exist? (though I’m a little scared to go looking, as I’m sure the kinks will be even more bizarre, what with some of the aliens in the ME universe)


I’ve somehow managed to get sucked into the Dragon Age kink meme. o_o

…Which is amusing, since I’m such a prude and have so many squicks that I’ve actually only read a few, usually the humorous ones. But some of the prompts are actually interesting, and I did end up caving and filling a couple. There are some I’d never fill but am still secretly hoping someone else will hahaha

*wanders between certain unfilled prompts abusing F5*